F U Zara

As a gal that designs and makes things, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Zara's theft of more that 20 indie artists. Cliff notes, Zara is asshat of a company that I will NEVER support, & Tuesday Bassen is awesome.

I so am happy to see the amazing support these artists are getting on social media & love that many have made statements about how artists should not be afraid to share their work on social media.

"when this happens for the first time it might make you, an independent artist, question why you share what you create. why you work so hard to communicate who you are and "put it out there." it's hard enough to be honest and make something real that captures a feeling and resonates with others. then, when it's stolen it does feel like a part of you has been taken, had its soul sucked out, and then slapped on a handbag or t-shirt.

 you may want the art theft to just "go away" and so you ignore it. I totally understand that feeling, and that's how I felt at first. but at a certain point, when so many talented people whose work you love are being equally disrespected, it is time to say something. that's why we're doing what we are doing now, and we want you to know that people do care.

follow @shoparttheft and help support the artists involved by purchasing their originals. go to shoparttheft.com for links to everyone's shop. it's a small silver lining to see some extra orders coming in and can remind the artists that some people in the world are good even as bad things happen. you already follow my work so go discover someone whose work you don't know. or just follow them all! zara really did pick some good ones lol. 

help us build an ongoing guide to intellectual property theft against independent artists by uploading your own cases to shoparttheft.tumblr.com. . #shoparttheft #supporttuesdaybassen social media can be a wonderful thing. So many have voiced their support for Tuesday Bassen, and all the other artists. It's kinda unreal that Zara had the nerve to Once is a mistake. This is inexcusable. Support the artists directly & hold ZARA accountable for widespread intellectual property theft."

-Adam J. Kurtz

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