Ochre Lea? Huh?

Say it with me folks Ochre (ō′kər) Lea (Lee). There is not a ton of logic to the name basically, mustard yellow is one of my favorite colours plus it just so happens my elementary school was called Ochre Park. My mom’s name is Lea, plus it’s my middle name. I liked the sound of it and thought it was unique enough not to get lost on the interweb.


Who me?

I’m Cate Kuzik, a community-taught artist residing in glamorous Edmonton, Alberta.



Since it’s possible I’m making up words here, let me explain. I have no post secondary art training, and I’m not a fan of using “self-taught” since it kinda sounds like a wizard that just magically knows how to make art appear from thin air. I’m community taught which means I've spent years taking an embarrassing amount of art and craft courses at galleries, community organizations and not for profits. They’re addicting and I’m a bit of junkie.


Not just letterpress?

About 80% or so of what I create is via letterpress, but as an artist I love so many materials and mediums that sticking to just one seems painful and part of the joy of being one’s own boss is I can kinda do whatever I want. Basically, “Makers Gonna Make”. So I also create small editions in other mediums. They are often random and hard to predict which is all part of the fun.









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