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Boxy Day Tote #07
Boxy Day Tote #07
Boxy Day Tote #07

Boxy Day Tote #07

A simple classic tote, made with some fun gold and silkscreen leather. Constructed from a single piece of leather with detail elements which have been silkscreened. This one-of-a-kind tote, as pictured, is the exact one you’d be getting.


  • made by humans
  • silkscreened design elements
  • brass hardware
  • handcrafted with 5/6 oz leather
  • 10.5” W, 9.25” H, 3” D


Most of Ochre Lea bags are sold without straps. However for this one I had just enough to make a shoulder strap, and the price includes the strap. Although if you want only the bag, simply let us know and the price of it can be taken off. 



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