The Leather

Why we use Vegetable Tan Leather

We proudly use North American vegetable tanned leather, as it is incredibly durable, eco-friendly, & in time, will naturally develop a lovely character from general wear & the natural oils from your skin. We use this leather for a few reasons, firstly the process to create vegetable tan leather does not use harmful chemicals. Most leather on the market is created by a process called chrome-tanning, it uses chromium salts which are harmful to both human health and the environment. Vegetable tanned leather also works best for silkscreen, we only use waterbased inks in order to avoid, you guessed it, icky chemicals. Our ink penetrates into the leather and once dry is permanent. 

General Care

Once silkscreened, each piece is treated with a general leather conditioner & we recommend you continue to do the same. Conditioning every few months will nourish the leather and restore its lustre, replacing essential oils & waxes. Any cream or balm leather conditioner will work by simply rubbing it in with a soft lint-free cloth. Please avoid using any leather care products from an aerosol can as they often have unnecessary harsh chemicals which can effect the imagery. 



All of our products are made in our Edmonton studio.