Fabric Marbling Workshop at Fern's March 3rd

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Often described as “painting on water,” Ebru is the traditional Turkish art of creating patterns by sprinkling and brushing pigments on the surface of a liquid and picking them up with paper or fabric, creating uniquely colourful fluid art.

INSTRUCTOR: Cate Kuzik (she/her) of Ochre Lea

PROJECT: Students will marble fabric, including 2 square bandanas (24” square), cotton, rice paper (various sizes including 8 by 10” and 11 by 14”) and a set of round leather coasters.

DISCUSSION: Students will explore Ebru, the ancient Turkish art of marbling, learning the preparation and equipment required, some of the traditional marbling patterns, how to create them, while discussing the various inks and paints used for each. Students will also get a PDF on how to marble at home.

INCLUDED: All materials and tools are provided, plus participants will get instructional PDFs on how to marble at home.

PREREQUISITE: None! This workshop is open to everyone that wants to learn more about marbling.

PLEASE BRING: Wear clothing that is ok to get a little inky, or bring an apron. Please bring your own snacks and beverages.